“It sure feels great to have someone writing stuff about me in general. How it would affect me in any way is depending on what the script is like. In <see you tmr>, how the storyline is formed really make me feel relieved than any other proud or carried away feeling I should normally have when something that flattering is happening.

I myself have some personal life issues to deal with, my relations towards my family, how my life is on the fringe and quite not traditional…some life I should be proud of myself but very denied and attacked by some of the people that I care mostly about. I had a memory of childhood trauma and personal injuries and pain that probably would never go away, unless I reach to a certain kind of epiphany. The movie made my problems that I have to deal with daily more clear and more generalized. I really appreciate that.  It means a great deal to me. As if I am understood and accepted, as if I was wronged and finally someone stands up and tell me I was right all along, and I should follow my heart and dive into the sea of endless future.

IMG_2677_I love acting and I would do anything to make it work. To act I’m not myself even if the script is based on me, acting is always a way to fulfill and shape a fictional character. I enjoyed and didn’t bother to relate Fei’s feelings to myself, because in real life, dynamic and situations change. For instance, the making of this film really cheered me up and in some way, ended my long depression.

I had written a lot during the years of 2006 and 2010. But since I started dating my current husband by then my second serious boyfriend, also my dear friend for more than half a decade, I was deciding to stop writing as a symbolic move to end my anger. I wrote lots of angry stuff. Pure anger and misery. It was a therapy to deal with my pain. I collected the poetry I wrote and put them into poetry book, even printed some of the earliest ones out into a book, stuff I wrote before and around when I was 18. Now I would read them from time to time, they remain divine for me, all those lines are a gestures of acceptance and yearning throughout youthful anguish. I am very proud of them.

All the stuff I wrote are connected to what I had experienced or believed. There were no secrets. I’m that kind of writer (if i would ever become a real one) – sometimes i use parts and bits of the poetry lines to form a song. But singing includes verse chorus rhymes and other techniques, so certain adjustments are acquired. I had been good at it. And if chances come, I would love to use my writing materials and turn them into sultry songs. maybe “100 love songs”, a concept the lead singer of American indie band “the magnetic fields” Steven Merritt was planning originally to do for their famous release <69 love songs>.”

Little Punk


Pei, aka Little punk, is a free soul. 
Part time whatever she wants, part time musician, full time a hedgehog.
She plays FEI in "See You Tomorrow".
To know more about her work: http://littlepunk.bandcamp.com/